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Current Practice Areas

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  • Exposure Assessment

  • Risk Assessment

  • Exposure Modeling

  • Total Worker Exposure

  • Product Stewardship

  • Exposure Simulation Studies

  • Dermal Exposure

  • Industrial Hygiene

  • Occupational and Regulatory Toxicology

  • Development of Occupational Exposure Limits

  • Applied Epidemiology

  • Risk Communication


Highlighted Publications

Authored by members of our team

Image by Tuva Mathilde Løland

A pilot study to characterize hand-to-mouth transfer efficiency of organophosphate flame retardants identified in infant products

Image by Colin Lloyd

Potential Airborne Asbestos Exposure and Risk Associated with the Historical Use of Cosmetic Talcum Powder Products

Evaluation of Airborne Asbestos Concentrations Associated with the Operation and Maintenance of Brakes and Clutches on Nonautomated Heavy Equipment


Influence of repeated contacts on the transfer of elemental metallic lead between compartments in an integrated conceptual model for dermal exposure assessment

Image by Aron Visuals

An analysis of prenatal exposure factors and offspring health outcomes in rodents from synthesized nanoparticles

Land Mining

Analysis of BTEX groundwater concentrations from surface spills associated with hydraulic fracturing operations

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